This basic module is used to simulate piston / cylinder pairings as they are in radial and axial piston pumps.

Pressure distribution in a piston/cylinder pairing

Module Highlights

  • simulation with time-varying boundary conditions such as load, speed, temperatures, etc.
  • rotational and translational movement and tilting of the piston in the cylinder
  • laminar und turbulent flow
  • arbitrary contour
  • consideration of manufacturing and wear profiles
  • elastic deformations using FEM flexibility matrices or elastic half space
  • lubricant feed via end face, bore, pocket or ring grooves
  • mixed friction (add-on module MicroSim necessary)
  • temperature distribution within fluid and solids
  • temperature and pressure dependent lubricant parameters
  • non-Newtonian flow behavior with and without limiting shear stress
  • wall slip between lubricant and solids
  • mass-conserving cavitation
  • coated surfaces
  • determination of stiffness and damping coefficients
  • wear simulation