Tribological TestsTribological Tests


We provide you with friction, wear and fatigue life tests on model and component test rigs with high quality results. These tests can be supplemented by extensive analyses of the specimens using state-of-the-art methods.

Our testing technology is subject to constant adaptation and enhancement. The following test rigs and tribometers therefore represent only a selection. The system you are looking for is not included? Please contact us and we will check your request.

  • FE8 rolling bearing test rigs (axial load) for testing of rolling bearing lubricants
    • wear test according to DIN 51819-2 and DIN EN 14865-1 for greases
    • wear test according to DIN 51819-3 for oils
    • pitting test according to VW PV 1483 for automobile oils
    • pitting test according to ZF 0000 702 232 for industrial oils
    • WEA/WEC test according to FVA 707 for oils
    • wear test with oscillating operating conditions for greases and oils
    • individual tests according to customer specifications for oils and greases
  • rolling bearing test rigs for radial load
  • False brinelling test rig for oils and greases down to -45 °C. The test rig and the test method have been developed and validated within the scope of several research projects. The test results show a very good transferability into practice.
  • back-to-back gear test rig for spur and helical gears with variable center distance (89 mm ... 140 mm) and dynamic load clutch
  • plain bearing test rig
  • spherical plain bearing test rigs for oscillating operation conditions
  • drag torque test rig for wet clutch disks
  • friction lining test rigs for dry clutches
  • radial shaft seal test rig for leakage tests up to 26,000 rpm
  • EHD2 tribometer for lubricating film thickness measurements in concentrated contacts
    • central film thickness (point measurement)
    • film thickness distribution (3D mapping)
  • twin-disk test rigs
  • translatory oscillation apparatus (SRV)
  • model tribometers (e.g. pin, ball, cylinder, ring against disk)

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