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We offer a variety of solutions for the tribological increase in efficiency of your products based on state-of-the-art technologies. We are an engineering services provider with expertise in numerical simulation, software and test rig engineering as well as testing services, failure analysis and consulting. We combine these competencies as needed so that your products can be constantly improved according to our slogan "Applications for higher Efficiency".


Tribo-X is a thermal elastohydrodynamic (TEHD) simulation software that allows the calculation of the stress, friction and temperature of lubricated systems operating within or outside of mixed friction conditions.

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Tribo-X inside ANSYS

With the integration of the Tribo-X journal bearing module into ANSYS Workbench, the extension Tribo-X inside ANSYS has been developed in cooperation with CADFEM, which enables the comfortable calculation of lubricated journal bearings with ANSYS Mechanical.

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We are your partner when it is about tribology. The technologies we use and the services we offer, their needs-based combination and the flexibility of an agile company guarantee you first-class solutions for your products. Try it!

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About us

Tribo Technologies was founded as a spin-off of the Chair of Machine Elements and Tribology at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg to provide simulation software and innovative testing and development services in the field of tribology.

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Tribo Technologies News

04th February 2019

NEW: Tribo-X Module Piston/Cylinder now available

The new piston/cylinder module in Tribo-X is now available for calculating piston/cylinder pairings, as they are in radial and axial piston pumps. The…

12th September 2018

NEW: TEHD-Calculations of bevel gears with Tribo-X

In addition to the well-established TEHD calculation of spur and helical gears with external or internal teeth, Tribo-X now also allows the calculation…

16th July 2018

Compact seminar on Tribo-X inside ANSYS on the 36th CASCON

In a special session at the 36th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference (CASCON) in Leipzig from October 10 to 12, 2018, CADFEM and Tribo Technologies will…